How can No Wrong Door improve my access to services and supports?

No Wrong Door supports older adults, caregivers, individuals with disabilities, veterans and families. It begins with a network of providers, linked through a secure technology system, allowing your information to be shared safely, with your permission, to quickly and easily connect you to services.

What are the benefits to sharing my information?

When you sign a consent form to allow a provider to share your information with another provider, you won’t have to repeat all the information over again. Much of the information that providers collect for eligibility or enrollment, repeats from one provider to the next. With No Wrong Door, you only have to provide your information once, and with your permission, it can be seen by all the partners you have selected. It saves you time and can reduce the frustration of retelling your story over and over again.

When you allow providers to share your information in the No Wrong Door System, they can spend more time talking with you about what you want and need, and less time typing up the “paperwork.” In fact, since your information will already be in the System, the paperwork can sometimes be eliminated completely. Ultimately, it means that you can get connected to services and supports faster than ever before.

The No Wrong Door System gives providers access to information on over 23,000 programs and services across Virginia so they don’t have to keep track of changes in services and contact information. When a No Wrong Door network partner enters your needs and zip code into the System, it provides all available choices. This means you will always have access to the most up-to-date information on what is available in your community.

How do I know my information will be safe?

 The No Wrong Door System operates under the federal guidelines of HIPAA, which keeps our health records secure, and the Virginia Attorney General, who oversees the policy for the exchange of personal information between providers in Virginia. In order for your information to be shared in the No Wrong Door System, you first sign a consent form, just like you would in a doctor’s office or a hospital. The form allows you to decide which providers can see your information. With your permission, the provider you work with can then share your information with the other providers serving you. It is always your choice to allow a provider to share or not to share your information.

Who is in the No Wrong Door network?

 Any provider of long term services and supports can join the No Wrong Door network and utilize the No Wrong Door System (Area Agencies on Aging, Centers for Independent Living, Community Services Boards, local Departments of Social Services, Home Health, Home Care, Home Repair, Transportation, Housing Organizations, Meals Programs, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Transition Services, Preventative Health Care and more). New providers are joining every day! Providers in the network will display a No Wrong Door Certified Partner seal. If you don’t see it, ask them if they are a No Wrong Door partner? If they are not, they can still serve you; however, they will not be able to share your information electronically or provide you with the No Wrong Door benefits. Feel free to tell them about this website to learn more about how to join the No Wrong Door System.